Our Commitment to Sustainability.

Harmac has nurtured a very strong culture of Sustainability with a significant emphasis on the employee's responsibility for generating & maintaining sustainable projects.

Harmac is Certified to ISO14001 (Environmental Standard) and we have successfully delivered multiple energy-saving & environmental sustainability programs both internally & across our communities.

The Harmac Environmental Policy is: “Looking after the Environment for Future Generations” and we live that with all our employees undergoing continuous training on waste reduction across all aspects of our business, including Energy Utilities, Raw Materials, Packaging and normal day-day waste.

Sustainability Focus Areas:

  • Energy Reduction

  • Workforce Wellness

  • Water Use Reduction

  • Workforce Illness / Injury Reduction

  • Waste Reduction

  • Community Investment

Sustainability Mission:

  • Strive to prevent pollution and any other adverse effects on the environment from Harmac’s operations
  • Integrate environmental factors into business decisions by assessing, managing and controlling environmental risks associated with Harmac’s operations
  • Continuously develop relevant and appropriate environmental goals and objectives
  • Raise employee awareness around Harmac’s sustainability mission
  • Promote good environmental management practices by our contractors and suppliers
  • Optimize energy and resource use efficiently
  • Implement waste management strategies that promote waste minimization, re-use, recovery and recycling where appropriate