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Endeavor WNY Selecting Entrepreneurs into Global Endeavor Network

June 27, 2020

Endeavor WNY logo

We were proud to see our President & CEO John Somers representing Endeavor Western New York as its board chairman and a panelist at Endeavor's 4th Virtual International Selection Panel this week. The event identified high-impact entrepreneurs who demonstrated the potential to create large-scale wealth and jobs while staying committed to supporting their local startup ecosystems. The group selected five startups — from Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, Spain and Turkey — which now have access to Endeavor’s global network of business mentors, investors, and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms. Endeavor supports roughly 2,000 entrepreneurs and 1,300 companies in 37 markets around the world!

In addition, Endeavor Western New York is quickly proving its merits as well, with three local startups having been accepted into Endeavor’s global network in 2020 alone:

  • Aerosafe Global, which provides cold-chain delivery services for the bio-pharma industry that streamline supply chains and provide protection for temperature-sensitive shipments.
  • Squire, inventors of a mobile app that allows you to quickly book and pay for a haircut or shave.
  • Sweetwater Energy, which has developed propriety and patented Sunburst™ technology, the first to deconstruct plant material, such as wood, into these components efficiently and cleanly enough to make thousands of products that today rely on petroleum and other non-renewable sources, such as biofuels, bio chemicals, food, advanced materials, packaging and paper products.

Harmac is honored to support innovative startup companies and foster economic development throughout Western New York and beyond!