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Harmac Earns “Gold Status” Sustainability Award.

January 08, 2024

Harmac's commitment to continuous improvement led to a transformative initiative by internalizing production, cutting costs for customers, and reducing environmental impact. The shift eliminated a 900-mile shipping route, resulting in an annual 6.57 metric ton CO2 reduction. Replacing cardboard with reusable totes and recycling process scrap materials further diminished our ecological footprint. Benefits included eliminating 14,592 boxes, saving 12 pallet locations, and cutting material costs by 80%.

This initiative was recognized by the Western New York Sustainable Business Roundtable, which elevated Harmac to "Gold Status." It underscores the positive outcomes of prioritizing customer well-being and environmental responsibility through vertical integration.

This story exemplifies our commitment to creating win-win-win scenarios. With locations in three countries, Harmac remains united in safeguarding the environment for future generations, actively pursuing sustainability goals in Good Health, Sustainable Cities, and Responsible Consumption at each facility.