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Harmac Wins National Award for Sustainability Technology Leadership in Ireland

September 15, 2023

In a remarkable journey since 2021, Harmac has transformed its facilities with the installation of digital energy meters, offering real-time insights into energy, water/oil usage, temperature, and humidity through our centralized Building Management System (BMS).

Our BMS, tailored to our needs, has revolutionized operations management, site engineering, and energy analytics. Customizable dashboards allow for easy integration of schedules and monitoring of building automation system changes. A specialized software module enables us to set goals, compare usage against baselines, and track energy savings resulting from plant and building upgrades. The BMS exemplifies Harmac's unwavering commitment to sustainability, contributing to both economic and environmental advancements.

Our dedication to sustainability reached its pinnacle with the prestigious Best Use of Technology Award at the 2023 Irish Business Energy Achievement Awards. Launched in 2021, the Business Energy Achievement Awards is an annual event which aims to recognise excellence and achievements from all companies and organisations across the island of Ireland who can demonstrate effective sustainable energy initiatives which are delivering significant benefits to their organisation and the environment. This accolade not only recognizes our commitment but also underscores our innovative efforts in monitoring and reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions through our advanced Building Management System.