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Students from the University at Buffalo’s School of Architecture and Planning Help Envision New Bailey Green Commons

May 07, 2022

Thirteen graduate students from the University at Buffalo’s School of Architecture and Planning lent their skills and imaginations to Bailey Green’s revitalization efforts this past academic year. Led by instructors Conrad Kickert and Joy Kuebler, they held a series of community input sessions in the neighborhood, designed to gather input and feedback from residents. This, in turn, informed students’ architectural designs regarding what the future Bailey Green Commons might contain. Students then displayed their proposals and renderings at a May 7 Bailey Green Commons public event. The designs included such elements as playgrounds, a pavilion, community gardens, a skills park, athletic courts, walkways, benches and more.

"This is not a UB design. It's a resident design," Kickert said of his students’ work. "We're illustrating what we think this space could offer these residents, based on their needs and comments."

A key component in this re-imagining involved getting the students and residents to interact and bond through a series of fun and playful building exercises. Kuebler points out that play is "humans' first language," which means it is among the easiest ways that we all communicate.

The team’s effort, including the unveiling of the renderings, were the subject of a recent feature story in The Buffalo News. Positive media coverage like this helps to spread the word about the great things happening in our community -- and inspire new partners to join us!