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WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable Selects Harmac for a Case Study

January 07, 2021


Harmac is committed to pursuing and achieving ongoing sustainability goals supporting the environment, the safety and wellness of its employees, and the communities in which it works. We were honored recently to be the subject of a new case study by the Western New York Sustainable Business Roundtable (WNYSBR), a collaborative of public and private sector organizations working together to demonstrate how WNY businesses can take the lead in integrating sustainability into their operations to benefit the environment, their staff AND their bottom line.

The WNYSBR recently honored us with Silver Level Recognition as well as its Most Innovative Sustainability Project award, for our collective efforts, which include ISO 14001 certification and significant results against important benchmarks. For example, by setting environmental goals, implementing actions and continually monitoring changes compared to our baselines, we’ve been able to achieve a 98% reduction for bio-hazardous waste generation and a 79% reduction for hazardous waste generation. In one case, Harmac saved almost $30,000 by reusing materials, which kept 60,000 foam sheets and 20 cases of wipes out of landfills.

You can view our story through the eyes of the WNYSBR, here.